Almost-Instant Breakfast Omelette

When you’re intolerant of egg yolks and dairy, it may seem all traditional breakfast foods are beyond you. Not so with some easy changes. This spectacular omelette is a nearly-instant way to create a hearty breakfast in under 10 minutes. Cheese substitute melts a bit differently from standard cheese, so adding it in after the omelette has started to set makes for easier clean-up.

4 -5 tablespoons egg whites, such as Egg Beaters

2 1/4” slices Daiya Havarti-style Garlic and Jalapeno cheese substitute, chopped

1/2 chopped green pepper

chopped red pepper and onion to taste

olive oil

Heat the olive oil in the skillet. Pour in egg whites and add chopped vegetables. Allow to begin to set. Add in cheese, spacing evenly. Continue to cook until set, flip or fold, and continue frying until desired texture and color achieved.

Serves 1-2